Top 3 Running Myths

MYTH #1: Stretch Before You Run

Studies have shown that those who did static stretching before a hard workout performed at a lower level than those who did not. Stretching is best done once you are already warmed up, so try adding exercises such as high knees, butt kicks, & lunges to your warm up before a race or run.

MYTH #2: Rest the Day Before a Race

A short 15-20 minute run the day before a race actually stimulates the body to store more glycogen, remove waste, & loosen muscles for optimal running.

MYTH #3: A 5-10 Minute Warm-up Will Make You Tired

If you have adequately prepared, warming up before competing will not change your performance during a race. However, it will raise your body temperature so all systems are running optimally at the start of the race, rather than taking the first few race miles to reach optimum efficiency.

As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, our physical therapy team is happy to help! We can offer additional techniques and personalized stretches to help you train more effectively and prevent future injury.

**For more running myths debunked, view our PT Hacks Video “Running Myths to Keep You on the Move.”


—Farrah Hudson, MPT (Outpatient Orthopedics)

Running Myths