Success Stories

Inspiring success stories from our Dry Creek patient community. These are a few of the many individuals who have chosen Dry Creek Physical Therapy for help with recovery, training, and general wellness and have experienced life-changing results!

If you have an injury or pain, I highly recommend

Dry Creek PT to help you feel your best again! Working with the team at Dry Creek Physical Therapy has always been a delight. They have such knowledgeable PT’s & have helped me over the past five years with everything from low back pain, knee pain, hip cartilage tears (acetabular labrum), and even women’s health issues (pelvic floor dysfunction & rectus diastases). Their therapists are not only extremely competent, they are also warm, friendly, and personable. They go the extra mile to ensure your comfort, reduce pain, and provide educational training to help heal and prevent further injuries. All of them have been seriously fantastic therapists! —Margie J.

I have scoliosis and a very active outdoor family

but dry needling has changed my outlook on what “normal” life looks like. I usually start dreading the pain I am going to feel after an activity before I have even started. In addition to strengthening my core with physical therapy, I started dry needling to reduce the muscle tightness relating to my SI and scoliosis issues. I went mountain biking with my son last week and had the most fun that I have had in years. I realized later that I hadn’t experienced the “normal” pain that I usually have after riding downhill. I am excited for the progress I can now make by adding dry needling to my regime. —Number C.

I had never been to physical therapy before.

Dry Creek Physical Therapy came highly recommended to me when I had elbow surgery and needed to recover quickly. The staff at Dry Creek Physical Therapy was very friendly and very knowledgeable. They are enjoyable to talk to and have fun personalities. They took the time to understand my condition and provided the necessary treatments to help my elbow heal properly and return to full use again. They have repeatedly exceeded my expectations of quality and care and I highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy. While at my appointments, I watched how therapists worked with other patients and noticed that they received the same high quality care and attention that I was receiving and the atmosphere was very uplifting and positive. Please check them out if you need any kind of physical therapy. You will be glad you did. —Brad M.

I have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in both knees

and when I started coming to Dry Creek it was painful to walk in from the parking lot. Going up and down stairs was an ordeal. Cassie and Ben taught me a multitude of exercises and stretches that improved my strength and flexibility that has greatly enhanced my ability to do the things I need to do for an improved quality of life. Very well worth the work. —Richard P.

I have been struggling with back pain following an injury for 9 years.

I have seen several doctors and other physical therapists which would only give me very short term relief. I also received 2 cortisone shots in my lower back which again was not very effective. I am an active mother of 4 kids and my back issues were causing me a lot of frustration. I have been seeing McKay Murdock at Dry Creek Physical Therapy for a few months now and he is changing my life!! I feel so hopeful that I will not have to deal with debilitating back pain for the rest of my life. He has taught me exercises to strengthen my back and helped educate me about lower back pain. I feel so grateful to have found such a caring and educated physical therapist to work with. I would recommend Dry Creek Physical Therapy to any of my family and friends! —Melissa D.

I highly recommend Dry Creek PT!

I recently moved to Utah from Oregon and was concerned about finding a new physical therapist as I had already been in therapy. My new doctor recommended Dry Creek PT and I feel so glad! It’s a great office in general and they make it easy to do all necessary paperwork, schedule appointments etc. My therapist is a really great PT! Literally, the best I’ve had (I’ve had three others over the years). I have a complicated long term situation and my PT is not only very knowledgeable, caring and smart but she works with me as I communicate how I am responding good or bad to the current treatment and adapts as necessary while still building on our plan. The other thing I love and appreciate is that Dry Creek has a lot of different devices to assist healing and recovery such as shock wave, e-stim, massage, etc. No other office I’ve been to has such a wide range of options for the therapist to utilize. —Susan C.

In May of 2016, I had a very bad shoulder break

and it required surgery, eleven screws, and a metal plate. I needed lots of physical therapy for many months. EVERYONE at Dry Creek was so good to me and helped me get strong again and increase my range of motion. For the first 6 months, Mallory was my therapist and I loved her dearly, even when she was killing me! In August of 2017, I realized I should have had the hardware removed from my arm and shortly after, had to begin therapy again. Ben was my new therapist and I was, again, amazed at the professionalism and expertise he showed, just like Mallory had. I then also had the pleasure of working with McKay and wanted to adopt him as my son too! I had the surgery to remove all the hardware and an now doing great! If I did not have a lovely 6 inch scar on my shoulder, you would never know! What a great bunch of people! Everyone, from the receptionists to the therapists are super in these two offices and you just can’t have any better physical therapy care! —Ann F.

I first came to Dry Creek when I was 7 months pregnant

to prepare/strengthen my body and pelvic floor for child birth. I attribute such a successful recovery to Hayley and the exercises she gave me to prepare my body. With such a sensitive subject as the pelvic floor, I never once felt uncomfortable or disrespected. I continued therapy to further strengthen the pelvic floor for about 4 months after giving birth. I feel fantastic! I would highly recommend Dry Creek and Hayley to anyone, especially for women’s health! —Felicia H.

My world was rocked with a heart attack and cardiac arrest

during church ball 2 months ago. I knew that game would kill me eventually. 😉 At the time, I thought my physical activity would be significantly reduced if at all possible. But the Dry Creek Physical Therapy group got me back on my feet and have me exercising like I did 25 years ago in high school sports!

They worked at my pace, but were constantly pushing me harder than I thought I could go. It was the perfect combination. I now have a clean bill of health, have lost 25 lbs and I’m looking to come back often to keep this going! I’ve worked with many of the people here and would recommend all of them. Just remember one thing… don’t smile when McKay is watching you exercise. He’ll assume you’re not working hard enough. 😉 —Brian O.

Dry Creek has helped me with rehab from a full ACL tear.

From surgery to complete recovery was approximated to be a year but with Dry Creek I returned to my sport 2 months earlier than expected. The staff is very helpful, kind and easy to work with. All my appointments improved my range of motion as well. —Madison B.

I came to Dry Creek after my foot healed incorrectly post-surgery

(3 years later it was getting too stiff to ignore anymore and I wanted to be able to use my foot again!). The staff was great. They pushed hard enough that I progressed much more than I had on my own, but not so hard that I hated them! 🙂 It was a positive, professional, yet fun atmosphere, and I looked forward to my visits. And now I can use my foot again! My ortho doctor was hoping for me to regain 10-15 degrees of range of motion and I regained over 30. Woot! —Kirsti L.

My ENT physician prescribed therapy for my balance issues

and wanted to prescribe a certain physical therapist. I answered that I had a therapist I was very fond of who had helped me in the past with back, feet, and rotator cuff conditions; I assumed I could use this therapist for my balance problem. The doctor said he wanted me to use a therapist who specialized in balance and recommended Jamie Gunnell at Dry Creek Physical Therapy. I am very glad I followed this advice. Jamie knows her stuff! Each session with her was a good workout! Jamie prescribed exercises to do at home which I am using and I can see improvement. I highly recommend this physical therapy group. From the receptionists to the therapists I was treated warmly and felt they were concerned for my well-being. —Nadine O.

I am currently recovering from a C6-7 incomplete spinal cord injury.

Over the past 9 months I have had physical and occupational therapy at U of U, Neuroworx, TOSH Neuro and Dry Creek Physical Therapy (Mt. Point location). My PT at Dry Creek has been fantastic. She has the skill set, personality, strength and creativeness that I have needed. I should know, because I have practiced as a physical therapist for 39 years. I highly recommend the therapists at Dry Creek. —Jerry J.

I hurt my ankles skiing last winter

and Ben not only made them feel like new again, but he taught me how to walk properly. I can’t believe that I’ve walked wrong my whole life! I now sprint along with the cheetahs. —Nancy L.

The long head of my bicep femoris was totally separated from my pelvis.

I could clearly see the separation when looking at the MRI with my doctor, and I truly wondered if I was in for a permanent end to the way I love playing in the mountains. I started physical therapy at Dry Creek, and during 4 months of working with McKay Murdock (who researched multiple variations of therapy for me) my surrounding musculature strengthened to the point that I’m back in the mountains, and in many ways stronger than before the accident. I can’t recommend Dry Creek highly enough… the quality of care I received, and the willingness McKay showed working with me to get me back out playing at the level I love have been an exceptional experience, and most importantly, provided a solid recovery. —Vince R.

Through a series of surgery rehabs

including a spinal fusion, hip and knee replacements and a fractured femur repair both my wife and myself have enjoyed a close relationship with Dry Creek Physical Therapy (over a period of more than 5 years) . In every instance we have benefited from their skill and kindness. The staff are personable and thoughtful and the facility is well equipped. We have worked most often with Steve Buchanan who has become like family to us. We would highly recommend their service. —Dale D.

I had a torn Achilles tendon and did not want surgery

so my doctor referred me to Dry Creek Physical Therapy. My physical therapist then recommended I try dry needling. I had great results after the first time and the bump is getting smaller and smaller after each appointment. Well worth the small amount of pain for great results. —Nancy P.

I tore my ACL/ MCL

and it’s been such a blessing to come to Dry Creek PT. It’s made a difficult and painful experience of a long-lasting injury better by a kind and attentive staff. I’ve achieved full range of motion and can completely straighten my leg. I’m a collegiate athlete and it’s essential for me to have full motion in my knee and strength in my hamstrings. I seriously recommend Dry Creek—they’re the best! —Amelia S.

I have been a patient at Dry Creek through 4 separate recoveries

over the last 4 1/2 years. I have worked directly with Ben, Steve, Cassie, and McKay. I’ve been to several other places in the past and Dry Creek is my favorite, by far! The therapists are all knowledgeable, work with the patient one-on-one, individualize the PT program, are dedicated to helping patients find relief and heal quickly, and are very personable. I’m pretty sure that every patient leaves feeling like their “favorite.”

Ben was the therapist I worked with mostly through complete recovery after 3 separate ankle surgeries. He was always willing to “think outside the box” to find answers and offer suggestions for me, and has continued to be available to answer any additional questions or concerns I’ve had over the years. Most recently I’ve had dry needling therapy with McKay. I have suffered from frequent migraine and tension headaches for over 20 years. After several dry needling sessions, I have found relief that I’ve never felt before and had almost given up on. I’ve tried MANY different treatment options over the last 20+ years, and have finally found something that works. My last treatment kept me headache-free for 6 weeks. This is the longest I’ve EVER been without a severe headache! The excellent patient care at Dry Creek also begins with a friendly and welcoming office staff, who are always able to schedule appointments in a timely manner. I seriously cannot say enough good things about the Dry Creek PT team. I trust them completely and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! —Heather C.

I am 62 years old and began cycling just a few years ago.

Due to a very rigorous riding and training schedule during spring of 2016, I injured my lower back and could not stand or walk straight and common tasks were not doable including any kind of exercise or cycling. I immediately saw a chiropractor with little success in pain relief or mobility after several visits. Out of desperation, I took the advice of a fellow cycling friend and found a physical therapy clinic, Dry Creek PT. My concern was that if a chiropractor, after several visits, could not help me then how could a physical therapist help me? Little did I know the value of the knowledge base inherent in this profession.

I was fortunate to be seen by McKay Murdock, not only knowledgeable in his professional skill-set but extremely kind, considerate, and patient with a 62-year-old man that didn’t know much about his own body! For the first time in weeks, at the end of the first visit with McKay, I walked out of the clinic upright and only feeling pain when I strained the injured area. Before my first visit with McKay, pain was a part of every movement—including taking several minutes to accomplish the simple task of getting in and out of a car. McKay taught me what was happening in my skeletal, muscular and neurological systems relative to not only the injury but how to strengthen each area to prevent any further injury. He helped me understand all of these critical body movements and functions as they relate specifically to my cycling training and goals.

During one visit early on I told him I had been drawn to ride LOTOJA and did he think I could still train well enough to compete. He assured me all would be well if I followed his recovery and strengthening prognosis. Over a three week period I completed five treatment visits. At the conclusion of the visits and during my cycling training for the rest of the summer I dutifully followed McKay’s instructions. The cycling training included several century rides and consistent shorter daily rides. On September 10, 2016 I successfully completed LOTOJA, with my son, which was 202 miles from Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY which included 8600+ feet of climbing at 6 – 8% grades. LOTOJA is the longest one-day race certified by USA Cycling in the US. I continue to feel excellent and continue to strengthen my core and stretch exercises daily regardless of time on the bike, as instructed. McKay has become a trusted friend and worthy health adviser. I am grateful for all of the staff at Dry Creek Physical Therapy and their professionalism in helping others. Needless to say, my experience has been phenomenal! —David D.