Sports Related Injuries

Get Back in the Game

From weekend warriors to avid athletes with two-a-day practices, injuries are sometimes part of the game. The role of a physical therapist is to prevent, identify, minimize, and correct pain and injuries which alter your performance. Together with a team of sports medicine doctors, strength and conditioning specialists, and dietitians, our Dry Creek physical therapists will provide you with cutting-edge care specific to your sport.

Check out our new athletic training program AthElite! AthElite is strategically tailored to each athlete’s goals and specific sports demands, and is designed to provide athletes with safe, functional training that enhances personal sports performance and prevents injury.

Prevent Injury

You can prevent many injuries by working closely with a physical therapist before and during the season. Our therapists will help you identify areas of weakness, impaired movement patterns, tightness, or other imbalances that may predispose you to injuries or affect your performance. We will make these diagnostics through video analysis, functional testing, aerobic capacity testing, muscle testing, and movement screens.

One example of training we offer is our “ACL prevention program,” based on the latest research regarding how to dramatically reduce the risk of ACL injury.

Start Today with Conservative Care

Early physical therapy is instrumental in achieving complete recovery. Injuries such as ankle sprains, knee sprains, shoulder separation, concussions, back strains, iliotibial band friction syndrome (IT band), runner’s knee, shin splints, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), muscle contusions, muscle strains, muscle tears, and many others, can be treated without surgery.

Our therapists will help you learn how to protect the injured area (with taping, bracing), establish appropriate rest times, and appropriately use ice, compression, and elevation. We will treat affected areas with conservative “non-invasive” methods such as specific stretching and exercise, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, joint mobilization and joint manipulation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, instrument assisted soft-tissue massage (IASTM), etc.

Utah is full of people who enjoy an active lifestyle. If you are not injured but have goals to improve performance, speed, power, agility, or precision, come and see us. At Dry Creek Physical Therapy you will receive one-on-one care, always with a specialized physical therapist.