Post-Surgical Care

Therapy: The Key to Successful Surgery and Recovery

Many conditions, such as back pain, meniscal tears, knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease can be treated effectively without surgery. However, when surgery becomes part of a patient’s treatment plan, we can help. Physical therapy is a crucial ingredient to a successful surgical experience. At Dry Creek, we work closely with surgeons in the area to ensure your needs are being met. Solid relationships between surgeons and therapists provide you with a stress-free surgery and hopeful recovery.

Before Surgery

Studies have shown that seeing a physical therapist before surgery will make your surgery more effective. During pre-surgery visits, you will make a plan together with your therapist based on your personal goals. We will help you start a “pre-hab” home exercise program composed of strengthening and stretching that will help you to recover more quickly following surgery. Thanks to the one-on-one help from a therapist, you will be prepared to enter surgery with confidence, rather than being worried and confused.

After Surgery

Once you have completed surgery, we will help you understand tools for pain control, safe use of physical aides (such as crutches, a walker, or a sling), and answer any questions. Our therapists will guide you through therapy recovery tasks, including those which you should perform on a daily basis at home. Your commitment to your treatment plan will ensure a smoother and more empowering recovery.

Our Goals for You

We will help you restore range of motion, strength, balance, and full function after surgery. In addition, our therapists will tailor your rehab depending on your job requirements, recreational activities, or lifestyle: for example, specific activities such as hiking, lifting equipment, sports, and playing with grandchildren.

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