Our Beef with Calf Muscles

Did You Know There’s a Bully Attached to Your Body?

I’m talking about the gastrocnemius, also known as the calf muscle. Daily, this muscle does its best to exert its will on other parts of your body. For instance, if your calf muscle is tight- your foot pays for it! With every step, increased pressure is transferred from the calf to the foot causing problems such as plantar fasciitis (pain on the bottom of the foot) and bunions. Fight the bully daily by stretching your calves!

Repeat stretches morning and night- hold for 60 seconds.

[Check out our PT Hack video “3 Easy Exercises for Foot Pain” for additional tips and tricks to treat problems like plantar fasciitis.]

If pain persists, come and see us. Our physical therapists specialize in techniques and treatments that can help you heal faster and more effectively. You’ll be back on your feet in no time!


—Ben Jensen, PT, DPT, OCS

Stretching Calf Muscle