Cardiac Rehab

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a professionally supervised program to help people recover safely from serious heart conditions, reduce the risk of future heart problems, and make changes to improve overall health. Most heart disease patients that participate in cardiac rehab have experienced one, or more, of the following: heart attack, heart surgery, or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures such as stenting and angioplasty.

Why Should I Choose Dry Creek Physical Therapy?

Our Dry Creek cardiac rehab program offers each patient a customized heart therapy plan. This plan includes supervised exercise routines, health education, and counseling services to guide individuals as they set and reach personal goals. Patients play an active role in making a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle; our goal is to help our patients build a healthier future.

For questions regarding your personal condition, please contact our clinic to discuss your questions with a physical therapist.

What Does Our Cardiac Rehab Program Include?

Phase II: Outpatient Rehab
  • A medical evaluation to identify a patient’s needs and limitations

  • A custom designed program to help the individual set and reach personal goals

    • Our therapists take into close considerations each patient’s medications, past medical history, ECG abnormalities, and exercise restrictions

    • We also maintain close supervision during exercise, monitoring vitals (Heart rate, blood pressure, ECG readings, RPE)

  • Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian to help the individual make heart-healthy food choices