Back and Neck Care

Common Injuries

Back and neck injuries are among the most common reasons people seek medical care. These conditions often hinder a person’s ability to work, exercise, and participate in regular hobbies. Studies have consistently shown the benefits of early physical therapy for managing back and neck pain and returning to full function.

Treatment as a Team

At Dry Creek Physical Therapy you can expect to receive a thorough evaluation of your unique condition. Together, we will make a plan to full recovery based on your goals and priorities. We are dedicated to providing our patients with one-on-one care, always performed by a trained physical therapist. Our goal is to provide quick relief from pain, help you return to what you love, and prevent future problems.

Let Us Help You

We are trained in treating conditions such as herniated disks, degenerative disk disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis, spinal fusion, facet joint problems, pregnancy related back pain, sacroiliac (SI joint) pain, headaches, whiplash, concussions, and more. Come in and see how we can help get you moving again!