It is not enough to be a naturally gifted athlete in today’s game – you need to be elite. Developing that level of skill requires a serious training program specifically designed to your sport, your goals, and your body. Take your game to the next level with AthElite.

What is AthElite?

AthElite is a sports performance program designed by athletic, sports medicine specialists at Dry Creek Physical Therapy. The program’s goal is to provide athletes with safe, functional training to enhance sports performance and prevent injury. Our specialized physical therapists adjust the program to each individual’s athletic goals and specific sport demands.

A Fusion of Athlete and Sports Science

AthElite partners with Fusionetics™, a performance health system that uses advanced sports science methods and analytics to bring athletes to the next level. As part of our program, athletes receive preliminary Fusionetics™ baseline movement and performance testing. Based on the results, an individual’s program will focus on functional strengthening, speed and agility, balance and coordination, and/or injury prevention.

Upon completing our 8-week AthElite program, athletes are post-tested to show where they have made improvements. They also receive a personalized profile on their Fusionetics™ app to access current performance stats, workouts, and testing data. Athletes who train together with their team can also see their performance rankings compared to teammates and compete to be in the lead.

Over 30 professional and collegiate teams, including the 2016 NBA Champions Cleveland Cavaliers, trust the Fusionetics™ system to reduce injury and maximize their players’ performance.

What is Our Pricing?

Elite Classic Training (1x/week)
Elite Pro Training (2x/week)
Group 2
Group 3-7
Team 8+

Who can I talk to with questions? How do I register?

Please call or email our physical therapy athletic specialists:

Mallory McFarlane – PT, DPT, OCS          (801) 766-4244
McKell Leavitt – PT, DPT                           (801) 766-4244

The AthElite Training Team

Feel free to review our AthElite Training Team’s qualifications, sports experience, and bios.
We look forward to helping you take your game to the next level.

Mallory McFarlane                               McKell Leavitt
Mallory McFarlane PT       McKell Leavitt PT

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